How I See

Yellow Series

As an artist and an architect, I am excited by ambiguity, exploration, transformation, and rhythm.

Ambiguity:  The viewer should have the opportunity to decipher the meaning of a work of art.  I work to express aspects of reality through abstraction, to remove an object or subject out of the natural context and view it through a new perspective;  to describe a whole by its parts.

Transformation: As an architect, my mind is trained to convert a three dimensional vision/idea into a two dimensional depiction; and, then to see the two-D graphic information be converted to a 3-D reality.  This contributes to my artistic preoccupation with selecting points of departure from both the natural and man-made worlds.

Rhythm and patterns of repetition:  As I work, I think about variations on visual themes that begin when

– hearing and feeling my heart beat when walking, making foot steps, humming whatever my inner music brings forth
– witnessing grasses and leaves swaying and whistling in the wind
– watching and listening to tides coming in or going out, tumbling the beach stones
– improvising riffs on jazz tunes.