How I Work

I work from my imagination, from my intuition, from a mental note or image. My studio wall is a sketchbook filled with scribbles to recall for use at a later time.

I get inspiration by:

– showing up in my studio, mining yesterday’s material for more ideas
– focusing with my inner eyes and ears
– listening to Bach and to jazz piano
– staying in the moment
– walking alone

I use color, black and white to create image, line and form with oil paints or oil sticks occasionally adding graphite or a mix of media to accomplish a work. I make marks, strokes, and calligraphic gestures often using large brushes. I carefully create many layers with the oils. These layers establish a focus on the materials and methods of painting as well as create depth and space.

I love the physicality of painting and drawing—always standing, working on my studio walls, several pieces underway at the same time, moving back and forth, humming and swaying to jazz, squinting, working quickly and then slowly as the work develops.